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Vision & Mission

Corporate Culture
Strategy Culture
  • Personnel Resources, Research and Development oriented with scientific performance as the key link.
  • Strategic innovation as foundation, organizational innovation as vitality
  • Marketing innovation as objective, technological innovation as a means
  • Customer's value fulfillment as a result
  • Sustainable management and social responsibility as the ultimate goal.
Development Culture
  • Company grows together with customers and employees, in tandem with society progress
Service Culture

    Complete force to implement TEN (10) friendly rules of angel services :

  • Customer is a priority, customer interests are more important than business
  • In the eye of angel, there is no rude customer
  • Always act promptly and satisfy customer's rational need
  • Professionalism adds value to our products
  • Trust and respect will attract customer
  • Follow customers side by side and think economically for them
  • Take initiative and positive in dealing with customers
  • Provide superior service to customers even for a minute request
  • Your smile is priceless quality of service
  • Love your customer and your customer will love you more

Human Resource Culture
  • Wise deployment of human resources, strive for cultivation and promote fair competition.
  • Able to promote and demote, recruitment selection is more important than cultivation
  • Cultivation is more important than rewards & punishment, Moral character is more important than ability
  • Ability is more important than education, performance is more important than working experience
Management Culture
  • Cultural cohesions the platform to inspire employees
  • Training improves people, working cultivates people
  • Incentive system motivates individuals
Marketing Culture
  • Ability relates to sales & profit
  • Assessment relates to practice
  • Promotion relates to achievement
Growth Culture
  • Adjust attitude, promote united mindset, be professional and always pursue excellence.
  • Motivate and appreciate each other, diligent, effective and efficient.
  • Spirit of innovative, team work, enthusiastic and sincere, lifelong learning
  • Sport for health, health as root, love country and home, live to your fullness
  • We create value in our products through fine innovation and continuous research and development
  • In compliance with policies and food safety, we provide the agriculture market with high quality and patented products, efficacy proven with thorough research collaboration and studies
  • Committed to incorporate good quality and imported raw ingredients into our products formulation and promote a business practice that is friendly towards Earth and the Environment.