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Himmvac Dalguban ABBEN+(plus) combined Oil Vaccine
Manufacturer KBNP
Product Name Himmvac Dalguban ABBEN+(plus) combined Oil Vaccine
Classification Live vaccine
Packing 1,000 Doses
Target Poultry
Form Oil vaccine
It contains inactivated low pathogenic AI (H9N2) virus, IB virus (M41, KM91), EDS virus
and ND virus genotype VII (KBNP-C4152R2L strain) propagated in 10-day-old hen's eggs and oil as adjuvant (ISA 70).

For vaccination of healthy chickens, as an aid in the preventing Low pathogenic Avian Influenza (H9N2),
Infectious bronchitis, Egg drop syndrome and Newcastle disease

Dosage and Administration
Vaccinate birds with 0.5ml of the vaccine intramuscularly before 2~4 weeks of laying.

Store at 2 to 10℃ and protect from light.

Vaccinate healthy birds only.
Before use, it is advisable to keep the vaccine at room temperature for some hours up to 15-25℃.
Shake the vaccine before use.
Do not use the product has been frozen.
If the vaccine is injected to blood vessel or thymus, side effect as edema in injection site or face will be appeared.
Inject correctly.
Disinfect or burn vaccine container and all unused contents after use.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Use according to the instruction of the veterinarian.
If the vaccine is injected to laying period, egg production may decrease.

1,000 doses (500ml)