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Corporate Social

Creating value through custom-designed product and system solution. We develop custom-designed solutions that can contribute towards an improved quality of health in the livestock industry, constantly in momentum together with the rapidly changing market. Establishing long-term relationship with customer has always been our top priority with business partners and clients. Hence, we practice ethical business in the global food supply chain, responding to provide safe & quality food to the marketplace in fulfilling the country’s supply and demand thus contributing in country’s economic growth.


We treat all of our employees with equal values and acknowledge the importance in preserving staff welfare at all times. We emphasize on open communication and work-life-balance among our staffs. We sincerely appreciate the dedication and work contribution given by our employees. We make sure that employees work in safe environment and stay healthy and happy at all times. Regardless in wherever they are, we always put our staffs health and safety as our top priority in our workplace. Hence this builds our team stronger with great inspirational and ethical moral values.


In social responsibility, we initiate in engaging activities that can help the community, be it local, regional or international. We act responsibly in the society, creating positive values and relationship with fellow colleagues, society, neighbours, politicians and authorities, hoping to make a visible difference and desired workplace to live in.

Our yearly goal to help the needy through fund-raising activities and events brings us closer to the society and to do a good cause for the natives and needy, giving them a chance to have a better and happier life.