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Product Name Composition
HIMMVAC WOOUBAN-ACA - Inactivated Akabane virus (K-9 strain)
- Inactivated Chuzan virus (YoungAm starain)
- Inactivated Ainovirus (KSA9910 strain)
HIMMVAC WOOSABAN-ROCO - Bovine Rota virus 678 strain
- Bovine Rota virus P44 strain
- Bovine Rota Corona virus BC94 strain
HIMMVAC BOVINE EPHEMERAL FEVER VIRUS LIVE VACCINE Freeze-dried live virus vaccine prepared from avirulent Bovine Ephemeral
Fever virus strain
HIMMVAC BOVINE AKABANE LIVE VACCINE Freeze-dried modified live virus vaccine prepared from Akabane virus strain(JH-120)
HIMMVAC BOVINE V.I.P VACCINE Inactivated IBR, BVD and Parainfluenza III virus
HIMMVAC WOOHOBAN-4 Each ml contains the antigens listed below.
Pasteurella multocida type A bacterin
Pasteurella multocida type A outer membrane protein
Mannheimia haemolytica type A bacterin
Mannheimia haemolytica type A leukotoxoid